Polar Houses and Polar Barns

Panelized Insulated Home & Barn Packages in Ohio

If you talk to any builder you know that traditional insulation can be a huge hassle and extremely time-consuming. Blown insulation can get everywhere and the fiberglass is not only difficult to work with but it can be extremely dangerous to your eyes and lungs. Here at Hocking Foam, we are proud to offer our trademarked Polar Wall Panels. These premade wall panels come fully equipped with our state of the art foam installation and are ready to install immediately. If you are looking to expedite your building process without having to sacrifice budget or durability, our Polar Panels are perfect for you.

Easy To Install

All of our Polar Panels come fully built and ready to install the moment you offload them from the truck. With Polar Panels, you can get your residential, commercial, or barn build done in a fraction of the time traditional insulation.

Durable Design

Our patented design is extremely durable and can easily stand up to the stresses of an active job site. You can move as quickly as you need to and rest assured knowing that your materials will never fail you with our Polar Panels.

Our Complete Package

Includes: Insulated Polar Wall Panels, Residential Trusses (24″ OC.) Windows and two Exterior Doors, Roof Purlins, Nails and Screws, Steel Siding and Roofing, Trim, R-Tech Insulation for the roof. (This would be a Completed Shell)

32’x40′ (1280 SQ. FT.)

  • Includes 8 Dbl. Hung Windows & 2 Ext. Doors.
  • 4-12 Pitch Trusses 24″, OC. 25-10-10 Loading.
  • Lifetime Warranted Premium Steel Siding and Roofing. (21 Colors)
  • Pre-Built, Pre Insulated Wall Panels.
  • Polyshield Insulation for Roof & Walls.


Optional Wood Deck (2×10 Floor Joist 16″ OC. with 3/4″ T&G OSB)


Optional Country Porch 6’x40′ with 5-12 Pitch Roof


NOTE: Due to the volatility of material prices, Prices are subject to change without notice.

Some of the Sizes available: (Kit Only, Base Price)

  • 24’x32′ 768 Sq. Ft. = $9,216.00
  • 24’x40′ 960 Sq. Ft. = $11,520.00
  • 32’x32′ 1024 Sq. Ft. = $12,288.00
  • 32’x40′ 1280 Sq. Ft. = $15,360.00
  • 32’x48′ 1536 Sq. Ft. = $18,432.00
  • 32’x56′ 1792 Sq. Ft. = $21,504.00
  • 32’x64′ 2048 Sq. Ft. = $24,576.00

Other sizes are available:

NOTE: Plans are included with the purchase of any Package.

Contact our expert team today to take your build to the next level with our Polar Panels. Our industry-leading modular design will work perfectly for any new or existing build. Call us today to get your free quote.

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