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Hocking foam products are used for a variety of purposes including basement insulation, waterproofing, packaging materials, and more. We have affordable prices and ship nationwide. There is no job order too small and no project too big. You get the same quality of work because we use the same cutting machinery as the bigger companies. We service all industrial and commercial clients. Contact us or give us a call today for service at (740) 332-6395.

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A Division of Wayne’s Building Supply

Why Choose Hocking Foam?

For the past 20 years, the experts here at Hocking Foam have been creating, building, and designing some of the most innovative and creative foam insulation on the market. As a subsidiary of Wayne’s Building supply, we have been proudly providing the greater Ohio area with industry-leading insulation services. 


We have developed a unique modular insulation product called Panelized Insulated Home Packages, or Polar Homes. Our Polar Home products allow builders and contractors to quickly and easily assemble insulation pieces while offering superior insulation compared to conventional stick framing. Not only are our Polar Home systems more efficient and quicker to install, but they also have a 58% higher whole wall R-value than that of 2x4 stick framing. We offer a wide variety of packages that are perfect for any build from the smallest residential build to the largest commercial builds. Cut your building times down, deliver unbeatable results to your clients, and save time and money with our Panelized Insulated Home Packages.