Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFs)

Hocking Foam provides the highest quality building materials for insulating exterior walls. EIFs, or Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems, make exterior walls water-resistant and insulated. Water damage can cause a lot of damage over the long run, but with EIFs, that damage is a thing of the past. EIFs can be used on a gypsum board, cement board, concrete, or wood-frame buildings. If you have any questions about applications and uses, call us at (740) 332-0658.

The Benefits of EIFs

Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems are perfect for any builder to provide a complete and thorough seal on insulation without breaking the budget. Our proprietary EIFS is comprised of an insulation layer (this layer helps to achieve the required thermal performance), and a waterproof finish usually comprised of a render, though it can be made from brick slips, tiles, or decorative boards.

Having this layer of insulation on the exterior of a home or business can be extremely beneficial to the owner down the line. Interior insulation can be difficult to work with, especially when it comes to fitting in complex wiring, HVAC systems, or plumbing. Traditional insulation needs to be removed in order to work on these systems, but with EIFS, these systems are easily accessed, easily maintained, and completely visible once the drywall is removed.

Our EIPS products are built and designed with our parent company, Wayne’s Building Supply. For decades our teams have worked to perfect this design and give builders and homeowners the most inventive, affordable, and durable EIPS on the market. If you are in the Ohio tristate area, no one does insulation better than Hocking Foam.

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